Searching For A New House

by - 2:41 PM

Yesterday i and my hubby viewed a house that being sold by a friend of my mom, but it seems that it had termite problem, than we take a look around Setia Indah and Taman Daya but it seems that all the price at those residence is around RM150K to RM300K, it does out of our budget, it so hard to find a suitable house with a suitable condition, location and most important is the price, i dont know why the economy seems slow but the price of house is keep rising =0 i been wonder where did all the money come from if they buy a RM300K house, and what i notice is most of the buyer is Singaporean, im not a judge mental person or something but i notice every residence house is much more higher because of those singaporean, if they dont buy the house at JB i think the price of the house will be much more cheaper, the consequences is we the low income worker will be the victim of the developer, so i just tell my hubby its look like that we can only afford a flat =0 the price is RM80K something.. but my in law and my parent will not allow it and i dont even know why, for me that is only what we afford, i cant stay with the in law n my brother in law forever... it not nice...

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  1. yeah better move out quickly, boring aa nk buat aper xleh.nak beli periuk sendiri pun payah..abt pricing..mmg smua harga naik. Apa nk buat..slow2 carik ok