Yeah New Template

by - 6:17 PM

Yup this time i make my own template with copying other people html, its okay learn from the bottom =0 i love goong so much and im trying my best to make my blog look perfectly beautiful, i dont think the colour suit it right, im trying to make it blue and white but it became green =0 but it kindda nice i think =0 chaiyok! chaiyok!

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  1. cantik giler template nih.mana cekau??amboi ajar le skit teknik2 mengtemplate..

  2. nk berguru kena ada pulut kuning sepinggan, telur sepapan, ayam golek madu sekor, hehe, amik kat, puas kite menggodeh tau... huhu nk blajar ke? kena aja side by side xble aja lalu komputer jek