Bad Luck or Trials of Life?

by - 10:12 AM

Today i dont know why there is so much circumstances i faced, first in the morning i wake up as usual take a shower and get prepared to go to work, then suddenly my hubby want me to find his old jacket that i dont even remember where i put it, i get so angry why didnt he ask me last night!! the clock is almost 7 o'clock i dont wanna get late =0 at first he ask me just to stop searching for it then suddenly i found it in the closet!!! then on the way to my work place there is T-junction where it really hard for me to cross by, and this stupid car dont wanna give me way at the time i want to cross the road the other car from the other side also wanna cross, i almost hit his car at that time but i manage to evade. then i met another T-Junction (there are so many junction around my residental) there are an unpatient car that also wanna cross to he make his car move at the side of my car and as he cross the road he almost hit the myvi yaa i guess i hope he hit the myvi because of his unpatient attitude at guess what he is a guy!!! ya i do think a man is really unpatient when it comes to road!!!

This picture was taken long ago, my mom borrow my car and we go for a bowling, i ride my hubby car =0 and this is my car

I follow MY CAR

Waving at my own car hehehe

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  1. tu la len kali bhati-hati dijalan raya...masalah kt umah mana jalan raya tu tau..hhihihi

  2. kite x gado pn pagi tu tp ntahla rasenye mcm kurang bernasib baik la aritu.. kite berhati2 orang lain plak x hati2.. huhu