Can Anything Worse Came???

by - 8:47 AM

I dont update my blog yesterday because i hurt my finger, it happend on monday night when i was busy cooking and i cut my own finger while cutting the onion there are lots of blood and it didnt stop, my husband got worried so he took me to the clinic and unfortunately i got and injection for that huhu =0 and then last night my glasses make problem where the screw just came out from the frame, luckily i still kept my contact lense for a spare just in case thing like this happend =0 i just feel so bad this two and three days, so many bad things happend =0 so many things happend in my life and nothing special came up just lots of lots of bad thing =( maybe i need to be more patient who know i might be lucky to get 1 Million =)

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  1. jgn percaya mende2 karut, syirik tu!smua tu adlh kebetulan saja..sbb kiter yg x berhati-hati

  2. betul mcm2 benda jadi minggu ni... tensen eden...