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Today im fasting its really hard because i didnt do it for such a long time, i'm thinking about fasting to tomorrow =0 8 more days to go but still i think its a very lots of day for me to replace =0 today i will cook, i dont know why im sick of buying food and like to eat my own cooking =) my cooking is not delicious but i think its good enough to eat, today im gonna cook beef blackpepper =) i really miss cooking, i stop cooking since i got married because when i went home there is food already at home =0 my hubby really need my cooking eventhough it is not delicious

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  1. Bertuahnye husband kak raden..coz kak raden ni rajin, bertanggungjawab n seme boleh la...rindu plak kat kak raden... Yela, kak raden banyak pengalaman dlm byk perkara...

  2. Gud wife ! syurga bawah tapak kaki suami..masak le sedap2 skit..