by - 8:24 AM

Yup this whole week i been infected by a flu it really a disaster and i really cant stand it, i cant sleep at night because of my throat that keep cough every hour.. hope i will get well soon... i just put a new gadget at my blog that is pingbox where my friends can chat with me using yahoo messenger whenever im online =) i think it a good starter trying new things everyday, i even had made friends from other country now, it a way to improve my english, my in law and my hubby always laugh at me because of my sillyness when pronouce one word especially word with the TH in the end of it because i cant pronounce it correctly =0 i really jealous when my hubby and his cousin speak in english they speak it so fluently =0

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  1. bestnye kak raden dapat speaking, tambah2 lak cik abg pun jenis yg speaking.. Jeles i tau...hehhehhe!!! xdela,gurau jerk... tapi mmg orang ni lemah skit klaau bab2 speaking ni...

  2. awak.. cantik kan la blog i.. and jangan lupe beli pin nombo kat bsn tau..