by - 11:45 AM

Today I'm thinking about writing another topics, i got this idea to write after last night event, its about friends. Friends it easy to search for them, you can had good friends, bad friends or mix personality friends. Its hard to find the best friends, the best who can give you advice the right way not the one who condemn you, I'm lucky because i still had those friends who i know since high school. I like to talk about those friends who love to condemn other people life who love to see others suffer, this we can call them friends. I do had several friends like that, yup also i know them since high school. When I'm still in school i categorized people, those who love to buy expensive thing although their poor because of friends, those who don't wanna care about others people and just mind their business, those who love to bully other people because they been bullied at home and many more. I love to watch other people character that why i love sit in front of the door and watch people pass by even when my teacher is teaching in the front. As i grow up i realize people become more selfish then they can be, maybe they trying to survive the world out there where is so wild like a jungle. And time goes buy there are also those who still don't change, they still love to show others how rich there are as a matter of fact they are not so rich at all, and there who already succeed and enjoy their wealthy life. Carefully in seeking friends because they can be bad friends or good friends, better dint had friends than had friends who would corrupt your life in the future.

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