Tomorrow is My Sister Birthday!!!!

by - 4:00 PM

Its already 4th November already, tomorrow is my beloved young sister birthday, i wonder what should i give her as a present, im thinking about just congrates her because she is 23 already =0 when im 23 years old i got engaged =0 she doesnt even had a boyfriend and that really make her worry, its all her fault because she always changing her boyfriend and lastly no one want to make a commitment with her, woman when their age increase it became their worse enemy.. it hard to find job, hard to find a man and also people always asking you with a bonus question, especially when are you gonna get marry!!! chill up girls because without man you can live as freely as you want to, no need to worry when will you get a partner because you had to believe in faith. When the times comes you will get married, had children and then grow old =0 that is the circle of life..

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