Stop Underestimate Me!!!

by - 3:04 PM

Really hate those people who think we the secretary doesn't had enough knowledge what they are thinking or talking about. always use the excuse 'oh! dont look in it because it private!' hey you stupid moron thats why they call us 'personal assistant' because we always look at those private thing!!!

and they always make stupid excuse to ask the staff or my boss hand phone number and say 'oh i had the number but i lost it' those are lame excuse... So please dont bother to come or having thought of having business with us. because people like you that always seek extra credit from the so call VVVIP our country is corrupt, moron!!!!

really hate people like this.. 
Arrogant and think all mighty in front of others
Doesn't matter what race or religion or whatever but if that kind of attitude i will never accept you!!

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