Live Your Life To The Fullest

by - 8:01 AM

I'm learning to live my life to the fullest and not regretting anything and stop thinking the word 'If Only I...'. Because when we always thinking about the past we will never grow up and move on. Everybody always wish if only i was still 17 or if only i was still single. There is no way you can change what happens in the past but you can always decide what to do now and at the future.

Stop starring at those picture when you was still early 20's but look at those experience while you walk through that path until you are early 30's. You can never be young again. You can never ever walk back through the same age over and over again although you look younger. People know that you are not young again but an old man or lady. So don't embarrassed yourself in front of others. I'm still counting until i reach my 30's, 3 more years to go i guess although i look like a 15 years old girl. Because when i talk and walk i do act like an adult and not a child anymore.

I'm yet still learning to seek forward to the future and preserved all the memory that i experienced while i walk that path.

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