My Boss Is Finally Back but Then Gone AGAIN

by - 9:34 PM

My boss which i had to call him Tn Hj now just got back from Mecca doing Hajj. He seem different from he used to be before. I dont know much about my boss even i work for him almost 2 years, before this they dislike him but i dont really care much about what other says because to me when i devote to my job i will try to close my eyes and see only the nice things =0 

So everybody ask me what he got for us as a souvenir i just say there something maybe he forgot to bring back hahaha just laughing because i know my boss always forgotten, i just hope he will be much more nicer and always nicer after this =) InsyaAllah

yup the part he gone again is he has been gone to a meeting at PD for 3 days. i pity him because i know he was still tired and not get used to Malaysia weather after got back. But duty first =0 

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