Only You My Version

8:36 AM

Catatan Ke 419

You started a war and landed on your own sword
You wish you could take back those stupid things you said
How could you be so foolish
You trying every little remedy you can
But this is all just lame

When everybody says, time will clean up this mess
But only you can make it better put her back together
Come on lets be real
Only you could stop the bleeding give her what she need
Tell her so her heart can heal

She dressing her wound but blood it keeps soaking through
You cut just a little too deep
And she feel so dizzy
You pick up your phone and throw it against the wall
And you cry like a baby in your sleep without her with you

Now you know only she can make you smile in the pouring rain
Only she can take the hurt right out of your pain
You know you can try to fill the space inside
With somebody else but there’s no use

Tell her so her heart can heal...

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