Post 542 : Making The Right Decision

4:58 PM

Mac is approaching fast, time do pass like the wind pass near us. 

January and February come just like that.

January Husna starting school at the new school near our house. We decided to send her to local Tabika Agama so she can start learning more about Islam. At first im really worried that she might not coop with thing because she already remember her teacher and friend name. 

February we gladly felt that we made the right decision by sending her to that school. She started reciting the name of Prophet Muhammad kids. She start reciting Doa (I should learn it though). She start comparing her old school is singing and this school only learn reciting Doa.

Yup kids this is just the beginning. You already taste how good it felt to live in that good paradise. But im worried if you to happy living in this world you would forget about Akhirat, Jannah is our target not the world.

Humaira also starting to learn reciting the Doa and Surah that she hears from her sister and me. 

Humaira is 3 years old this year, she started to show her true character. Very cheeky, lively, happy and fierce. Boys were so afraid of her compare to Husna. 

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