Post 543 : Changing Direction

5:08 PM

2017 Resolution is more like changing the ways i used to be.

G-Star R-Rayyan Susu Kambing Perisa Asli

Argania Wonder Oil

I starting to do small business by becoming agent for certain product such as Rayyan and Argania.

Joielle Baby

I also starting to do dropshipping for Joielle Baby and other product.

My target is simple My Dreamhouse Downpayment.

The house price is way to high for me so what can i do is working double hard so i can afford to buy the house that i been dreaming.

I also have apply to get transfer to another Department. I have been in this department for almost 9 years, i had been a Personal Assistant for the same boss since my bos just in his 30s and now reaching his 40s. So i think its the best time i change my direction and starting looking for new experient.

Mr Bear is also starting to work at Pengerang starting last year. Alhamdulillah he got to work there although he had to travel almost 90km just to go there.

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