Never say NO

by - 8:44 PM

This morning i got a phone call complaining about how one of our staff behaving rudely by answering a question with a NO. That one big mistake. The complainer say that she ask about the information that her superior boss also want. So maybe that person is in a hurry or what that person just say the simple word. 'I DON'T KNOW IS NOT MY JOB. 

What i learn from my lecturer or even my superior boss. Never say 'NO', never say 'I DON'T KNOW', instead try to look the answer first and then if you still don't know what the answer is just ask people around don't just sit at your desk you are not in a jungle where you live alone in your own world. Or maybe you can say 'I WILL TRY TO LOOK FOR IT' or 'I WASN'T SURE'. Of course the answer is better than say NO right?

If people rude to you don't blame that people but blame yourself because maybe you didn't notice that you be rude to other people unintentionally.

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