Pitman Shorthand

3:16 PM

Mengimbau semula belajar Shorthand tahun 2002, secara jujur agak da lupa sikit la cara mengguris shorthand ni, kalau trengkas tu ingat lagi sebab kadang2 digunakan juga time catit minit mesyuarat. 

So this is pitman shorthand. As long as i could remember i learn to write shorthand with Mr Arshad if i remember his name correctly, he always wear a shirt with two or three of the button show his chest, and he always talk with this strange slang. 

He always force us to write tow the boat to the bay today, and he read it out loud so we could write it correctly, at that time i really hate writing it because it really bothersome to me.

But now i do really miss studying again and really want to write in shorthand again although it tough.

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