SSshhhhh Everybody had a dark secret... What yours...

by - 9:45 PM

It seems like everybody had a dark secret to keep it on their own. From a secret lover or an affair or being a spy. Its seem everyone will try to keep their dark secret from revealing to the world. But what they do not know, that the secret is no longer a secret because the world itself know the secret and it only a matter of time to be unravel.

Everyone try to act nicely to other but deep inside their self they are crawling and trembling because of their own secret. They live in fear or maybe feeling no guilty at all. That is the fact of life.
Dont ever blindly believe that a person with good background is a good person because deep inside their heart show a very unpleasant life. They live like a puppet for others and trying to crawling back to the real world.

Remember that this world is just a big stage and or life is just a show that will end when the times comes. Its only a matter of time. Put a stop to those unpleasant dark secret because when the times comes the show will play itself and you will be nowhere to run but to face the fact of humiliating yourself.

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