How Do You Know You Had Chemistry With Him?

by - 11:29 AM

Last weekend my husband cousin come by our house, so one of the topic that we been discussed is he asked me, 'How do you know you had a chemistry with him?' and i spontaneously answer 'We don't but i do like him because we had something in common and that is book' and the other cousin tell me 'There are so many guys out there that also love books but why i choose him'. 

Then i told them that i had met and known many guys and i don't find one that really likes books. Yaa i do find lots of more handsome and richer guys than him but i just don't feel the spark when im with them. Unlike with my husband he was able to attract my attention when we first make contact.

So do that mean we had chemistry?? We do also fought a lot almost everyday. But we still be able to maintain our relationship even its a long distance relationship. And one thing that i think we had similarity is we love to go to bookshop. Maybe this is fate. Maybe we do meet in a bookshop before we even known each other only we don't notice each other existence.

So if you want to find someone you had chemistry with, first you had to known her first just be friend no need to rush thing because sometime you think she or he is compatible with you because you had many thing in common. But that doesnt mean that you do had chemistry and all that. Its all depend on your heart. If you love that person even if you dont had that chemistry but eventually it will come itself.

I just believe in what God had said that everyone in this world was born to be in a couple. A good man will find a good woman but a bad man will also find a bad woman.

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