The Struggling Battle

2:00 PM

Kita hidup di zaman teknologi serba canggih di mana TV atau Cable TV tak diperlukan lagi yang diperlukan hanyalah line internet dengan kelajuan lebih 10Mbps atau lebih. Jadi ini antara perkara-perkara yang akan kita hadapi sebelum dapat mengakses atau tonton rancangan yang kita nak tengok

These struggles are just part of what you have to deal with, all in the name of entertainment:

1. Being forced to choose between a bad-quality movie or no movie at all

2. Getting distracted by literally-translated subtitles

3. When you're done with a season and can't find the next season anywhere online

4. Also, when you decide to start watching a series and you can find the later seasons, but there is not a single link to the earlier seasons that work

5. Finding the whole season in HD, but everyone's speaking Russian instead

6. When a streaming site you love is shut down, and you feel like a part of you just died inside

7. Succumbing to cliffhangers

8. Downloading all kinds of dodgy plug-ins to access shows not available in Malaysia

9. When an innocent click leads to a never-ending string of pop-up ads

10. Evading malware on a daily basis

11. Living in fear of the authorities discovering your bursting downloads folder one day and dragging you off to jail

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  1. yang subtitle nih yang slalu mengundang kemarahan marhain..hahaa


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